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Hairstyles are important in beauty but what really matters is hair color. Here are a few hair color suggestions for you to revamp your look.


When looking for blond color keep in mind that it this not a one size fits all type of hair color. Blond color ranges from dark blonde to light blond or platinum blond. The different blond shades have different undertones such as ash, golden, red and blue. Choose the blond color that compliments your color tone and bring out your beauty.

First off, olive skinned individuals do not do well with blond hair color. If you have golden tones to your skin, a freckled complexion or natural light blond or light brown hair choose a light shade of blond color with golden tones. If you have a neutral color skin tone or warm toned skin, then medium gold blond color is good for you. The same applies for those that have a natural light brown hair color as well.
Bold red 

Ginger locs this season are in rich hues. You should choose either a red with blue undertones or copper undertones based on your skin tone.  An example of a bold red is on style star Rachel McAdams.  Red hairstyles are great for olive skin toned individuals. If you have tanned skin, it’s not a bad idea either. Some of the shades of red you can try are cherry red and auburn red. Those with a blue undertone to their skin can try red-purple, deep burgundy and mahogany colors. Those with a copper undertone to their skin can try dark copper red and auburn red.

The shades of red out there are numerous, but you have to choose the right shade of red for your complexion otherwise you will end up looking out of place and overshadow your beauty. If you are of a light skin tone, try strawberry blonde or bright copper. Do not opt for dark shades such as wine red as they will make you look washed out.

If you are of a medium skin tone, go for medium red color to highlight your hair with colors such as copper shades of red and auburn. If you have dark hair color, you can also use these colors as highlights which will blend well with your dark hair and skin tone.

Dark skin does well with red hair color especially auburn and chestnut shades mainly reds with a copper undertone. However, stay away from reds with a blue undertone as they can make your face complexion look funny. Very light shades such as ginger colored hairstyles are also not advised.

If you are a brunette beauty and would like to add some spice to your hair, or have light hair and want to go the brunette way there a few shades to try.  First of all get rid of the idea that you should completely change your hair color. Sometimes, all you need to do is go a shade darker or lighter to achieve the ideal brunette look.

If you are a natural brunette or have olive or dark skin tone, dark brown is a good way to go. Espresso color is also a good choice for strictly dark skinned individuals especially those with curly hair styles.
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Dark spots from pimples and skin pigmentation are some of the things causing a lot of distress to women who value flawless beauty. We all want flawless and beautiful skin, but the reality is that once in a while those breakouts will creep up on you. Sometimes your skin will develop uneven pigmentation from sun damage, medication or scarring. The good news is that we have makeup and its getting better by the day. You can use cosmetics to hide your blemishes. Here are some tips you can use to conceal some of your skin imperfections.
Use color correctors

This is beauty makeup used to hide the flaws of an uneven skin tone. These are skin products made to be used under cosmetics to hide imperfections. After applying color correctors, you then apply your regular cosmetics as usual. They are used to perfectly conceal spots and skin blemishes and are bought according to one’s exact skin tone and the right consistency. The consistency is based on how obvious the blemishes on the skin are. They range from sheer to heavy in consistency. 

To choose the right color corrector, keep in mind that complementary colors on the color wheel cancel each other out. Hence;

-    If you have redness such as rashes a green corrector will help. Based on how bright the redness is, you can choose from sheer to heavy green corrector based on the consistency that will cover your blemish

-    Rosacea and broken skin capillary discoloration can be dealt with using yellow correctors

-    If you have sallow skin, you can use pink correctors to deal with this.

-    Under eye circles, bruises and dark spots caused by sun damage can be dealt with using orange or peach correctors

There’s a lot more you can do with skin correctors although they can be a bit tricky. You must visit a knowledgeable cosmetics vendor who will give you the right advice on the right color of skin correctors to use for your skin discoloration to avoid making costly purchases that are not right for you.
Use concealer

This is a beauty product that unlike in the case of color corrector is not available in a variety of colors rather in shades of different skin tones. To conceal imperfections on your skin using this product you are expected to find a concealer that is ideal for your skin tone. 

Whenever you are under bright light, whether at night or in the sunlight, a concealer should be able to cover your blemishes without looking cakey. It can be used to hide dark eye circles and blemish spots. Don’t use too much concealer as it can cause your skin to look cakey.

Once you apply concealer or color correctors, you can then use foundation and powder on top. Makeup has so many secrets you can use to hide your blemishes. Keep in mind that this is done to allow you time to heal your blemishes and any other skin problems you may be dealing with. 

So when not in cosmetics, preferably at night, you are expected to use a skin care product that will gradually fade off spots, deal with skin discoloration or any other skin problems you have. By doing this you will find that with time, you will only have to use very little cosmetics on your skin but radiate flawless beauty.
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Skin spots and hyper pigmentation are a problem for many people especially if you are beauty conscious. However, these skin problems are quite preventable. Here are a few tips on how to do this:

Deal with skin problem immediately

If you have acne and are prone to breakouts once in a while, you should invest in a good acne treatment and makeup. This will ensure that anytime your skin breaks out; you have a ready remedy to deal with the situation so that things don’t get out of control.

This brings us to the next thing which is- know your skin

 If your skin is problematic, the first step is to visit a dermatologist to know what you are dealing with and then use the right beauty products. If you just guess what to use on your skin, you will worsen the situation and end up causing worse black spots and skin discolorations on your skin.
Protect your skin from the sun

The sun is a very big cause of hyperpigmentation and where there are dark spots it can exacerbate them. It can even trigger breakouts in sensitive skin. So, staying away from the sun and protecting your skin with sunscreen is a top priority to avoid sun damage.

Don’t be rough with your skin

This irritates the skin and prompts it to break out. The breakouts end up as lots of dark spots on your skin. Invest in exfoliating masks instead as a gentle way of exfoliation that does not harass your skin and trigger breakouts.

Don’t pick on your skin or use contaminated makeup

Picking pimples and constantly touching your face are sure ways of spreading bacteria all over your face and triggering the appearance of fresh pimples. Let pimples heal on their own without poking them to avoid forming more pimples and dark spots and to maintain the beauty of your skin.

- Be gentle with your skin and avoid harsh treatments such as laser resurfacing, chemical peels and dermabrasion. If you must do them, do them under supervision of an experienced dermatologist and not too often.

Keep your skin clean

This is the best you can do to get rid of spots. With no appearance of fresh pimples, there will be fewer spots on your face. As long as pimples keep on appearing on your skin you are guaranteed of some spots here and there. So keep your skin clean at all times.

Overdoing things is not the answer

Do not over cleanse the skin as it will stress it out. Everything you do to or use on your skin should be mild. Your skin regeneration will take time- so, be patient. Otherwise, if you look for fast results, you may end up causing more problems than solutions.

Avoid harsh makeup, skin lighteners or skin toners

Choose products with ingredients that will lighten or help fade out the dark spots in a gentle manner. You can even choose home products to do this work, where you find commercial remedies to harsh. The benefits of home remedies, is that they are easily available and gentle on the skin. The other advantage is that they are affordable and hence you don’t have to pay and arm and a leg to use them. These are some tips on how to maintain the beauty of your skin and keep spots at bay.
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Men are not considered to be conscious about their personal attractiveness like women. As a man, it pains me because we need to look smart and presentable in the eyes of other people. This post is for all men to read and know the best ways of remaining smart and enhance their beauty. Most of the things to be discussed are very obvious but usually overlooked. I must admit that I have been a victim for one too many times.
Shave- men have a lot of shaving to do regularly on the head and beard. It should be a clean and safe shave for you to maintain good looks. I know from experience that it is impractical for a man to wake up every morning to shave his beard but you need to have such commitment. It is all for your looks. Even if you can’t shave daily, make sure it is done more often.
Manicure- your nails need to look wonderful all the time and manicure is the only option. This ensures dirt does not settle on the nails and that they don’t grow bigger than you would want. That makes you look ugly so be sure to trim them regularly and seek manicure often. Applying vanishes or clear polish will have the nails looking clean all the time.
Moisturize skin- this helps to reduce wrinkles and any effects of aging that are visible on the skin. This is the only secret to ensuring you remain youthful and there are several anti-aging creams in the market that you can apply on your skin. However, you have to remain keen on ingredients of every cream you use since some have dangerous chemicals that will end up damaging the skin.
Whiten teeth- your teeth will have a big impact on general looks so you should treat them seriously. You don’t want to have stained teeth thus you will have to whiten them naturally. Your teeth will directly affect the type of smile you pose so keep them clean and naturally white all the time. Strawberries are a good product for teeth whitening but make sure you clean them after every meal.
Exercise regularly- obese and shapeless men are not beautiful so you don’t have to go that way. Spend sizeable time in the gym exercising and you will be able to lose extra weight, regain your shape and general attractiveness. Beautiful people are always healthy and fit which should hit you as a man.
Hair care- this is a mandatory thing for men just like it is for women. Your beauty has a lot to do with hair so you should take good care of that. Using shampoo will be one of the effective ways to care for your hair since it has vitamin E which makes hair follicles strong and moist.  

About Author:

This author holds that beauty is not a preserve for women. He has helped revolutionize men on that front and his writing work has helped change the mindset of many who believed that men have nothing to do with beauty. Health and beauty are very much related and you will understand that by making good use of his written works.
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This blog post will touch on four main steps that are always critical in choosing a suitable hairstyle. Your hairstyle should be able to bring out the real stature and looks so you must not settle for anything short of that. They are applicable to both men and women to grow beauty look.

Look at face shape

The shape of your face will determine the length of the hair to have mostly in women and men who are spotting dreadlocks. The hair must be well uniformed with the face shape you have and there are many shapes for different people. Which is yours? There is a rounded face as well as square, oval, heart-shaped, diamond and triangle. The main benefit of determining your face shape is to help in making of informed choices on the ideal hairstyle to spot.
Consider hair texture  

This as well has a huge implication on the type of hairstyle that you end up choosing. Obviously, you will have to select a hairstyle that is well connected to your texture which can vary from one person to another. Some hair is silky while others are coarse, frizzy and limp. It is upon you to determine what your hair texture is. Also, there is thick, medium-thick and thin hair which you will have to take a look at before making the final choice.
Key facial features

Hairstyles are mostly used to highlight some key features of the face and this will constitute the many considerations you make in selecting an ideal style. Some hairstyles are used to conceal flaws on the face, enhancing skin color or pronouncing the strengths. That will be your responsibility on deciding what exactly you want the hairstyle chosen to do. Some of the flaws that you can use a hairstyle to hide include a protruding forehead, wide ears and long neck.
Actualizing the hairstyle

The last thing to do will be fixing the new hairstyle to the head. You have to play with the hair so that all the factors discussed including texture and face shape are well captured without flaws. There is nothing that is completely perfect but you can do things better. You can decide to borrow a leaf from international celebrities who have a similar face and head like yours. It can give you a rough idea and guideline on how to do things. 

If possible, enlist the services of a professional hairdresser to do it on your behalf. It will be at a cost but the quality of services rendered will be exceptionally high. Lastly, you should choose a hairstyle that will not give you problems maintaining. It should not require cleaning every day since that is impossible. Generally, your hairstyle ought not to be too demanding.
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I don’t understand why makeup is very much associated with women but men still do the same. I have done my personal study and realized that the biggest number of women is concerned about how their lips or eyes look like while very few men have such worries. Therefore, this post will look at the basic things that are necessary for a makeup especially in women.

Concealer- this is a product that you will most likely find with every woman. As the name suggests, it is used for concealing irregularities in the face. Even men use this at times to perfect key parts of the face that might be out of proportion so not a completely feminine makeup product.

Lip gloss- this is a product used on the lips to make them softer. It comes in a small pack making it possible to have it in the pocket all the time. When applied, lip gloss turns the lips shiny and fuller. The color of the gloss should be uniformed to that of the skin but not a mandatory requirement.

Eye shadow palette- eyes are a key component of the face and their looks will definitely determine whether you will be beautiful or ugly. When used, the palette helps to create a dimension across the face such that the eyes don’t look odd. These shadows are mostly applied as softening products or liners depending on your preference.

Eyeliner- this is another makeup product for the eyes that you will mostly get with women. The liner is good for improving on the lash line and its combination of colors make the whole face look more attractive and shiny. Application of the eyeliner is very easy on top of helping make the skin soft.

Eyelash curler- this is for both men and women who have straightforward eyelashes. The product is applied to curl them which add some length as well as making sure the eyes is open. The beauty lie in the beholders eyes thus giving credence to this makeup product that helps to keep them as open as possible. Why should you hide the eyes when curler is there for your use?

Brushes- your makeup application must be complemented by brushes since they help to deal with any visible flaws. This is an all-inclusive product that brings together blending brush, powder brush, angled brush, smudge brush and flat shadow brush. Every brush has its own specific task and their quality is supreme.

Mascara- if you are a girl and you don’t have this makeup product then something must be wrong. Most ladies make this product their first-ever purchase and you don’t have to be an exception. Mascara helps to frame up eyes in making them contemporary so you must have it in your beauty consignment.